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If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the aged care process, we can help.

"Your parents have done a lot for you over the years, so we get that you want to make the best choice when it’s time for them to move into residential aged care.


We work in the aged care industry and understand how it can be bewildering and overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to get to grips with it for the first time. It doesn’t help when you have to make an important decision about your parent’s future happiness while you’re under big time pressures.


With all this stress and pressure, no wonder you sometimes feel like you’ve hit the wall. That’s why we’re here.


Clarity Aged Care Placement Consultants are your safe pair of extra hands to help you navigate this emotional and stressful time."

We know Aged Care and We can help!

How We Help

Let's talk.

This is the all-important first conversation.


You get to meet us and we ask all the right questions so we understand your  situation.


We also share our insider’s perspective of how the aged care industry works and what important decisions you need to make.

Shortlist suitable homes.

We use the information you’ve told us about to give you a shortlist of the most suitable aged care residences that meet your requirements.

Visits, paperwork & negotiations.

You tell us which aged care centres & nursing homes you’d like to see and we arrange a tour.

We can come with you too, to guide and advise.


We also help with the documentation and can negotiate fees on your behalf.

We're with you.

We remain in close contact through the transition into the new home.


We make sure everything happens smoothly and everyone settles in well.

Why Choose

Clarity Aged Care

We care about people which means we will have your loved ones need front and centre at all times

We know the aged care industry so we can give you key insights and help you make great decisions.

We are neutral and independent so we work for you and are not aligned with any particular aged care residence or provider.

We do the lifting, but you’re in control, we guide but will never pressure you. Ultimately it is you who decides

We understand every situation is different, our fees are discussed with you upfront and are fixed. Our goal is you are 100% satisfied."


“When the time came for us to move mum and dad into permanent residential care we didn’t know where to start. ... but we also wanted to give them the best level of comfort that they could afford. The aged care system is really complex and there is so much out there that having Todd guide us through everything was an absolute godsend. Todd explained all the options so clearly and patiently and took so much weight off our shoulders at what was a really difficult and stressful time not just for us but for mum and dad too.


Todd helped us identify the perfect place for mum and dad and they have settled in so well that every time we go in to visit them they tell us how happy they are and how we could not have found a better place for them.


...We cannot thank Todd enough for all that he did for our family, and I cannot recommend Todd’s services highly enough!“

- Alison

About us

Hi, I’m Todd and I’m the owner of Clarity Care.


In my work in an aged care facility, I often came across overwhelmed and stressed families. They were often struggling with the emotions that come with moving a parent into fulltime care, as well as trying to get their head around the complexity of the system.


They all wanted to make the best choice for their parent but didn’t have the time or expertise to research all the options and find the best outcome for their loved one.


It was for families to have someone help guide them through the process and provide expert, independent advice.


In particular, I understand the unique challenges families face when entering aged care. I believe having someone in your corner who understands what you are going through can make all the difference.

What's next?

Get in touch, we provide a free consultation in your home or if you prefer call Todd to have a confidential discussion. 

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